Hello! I’m here to share the good news of crafting a good life. Come join me in finding new and wonderful ways to make this life a good one! From making beautiful things and solving household problems, there’s so much to know and learn and make and do! Let’s do it together!

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I’m a woman with a husband and three kids and a house and a job and a lot going on. I love making stuff, solving problems, improving things, cooking, baking, eating, sewing, knitting, crocheting, learning, researching, organizing, gardening, spending time outdoors, drinking wine and watching Netflix with my husband. In my day job, I work in a fundraising office managing the donor database for a small Christian university. I’m kind of a computer nerd, but that always kind of surprises people. I feel like most things are doable, learnable, figure-out-able. I’m working at crafting a good life, living the best life I can. Sharing the good news of crafting a good life.


Hello world!

It’s back to the self-publishing blog world for me! I’ve had this site for a while. I’ve just moved over to WordPress. I’ve got some plans. I’ll be moving some of my more popular posts from blogger over here, so we can all find the good stuff easily. Looking forward to getting back here. I …


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