Teddi Taylor, craft evangelist


I’m a woman with a husband and three kids and a house and a job and a lot going on. I love making stuff, solving problems, improving things, cooking, baking, eating, sewing, knitting, crocheting, learning, researching, organizing, gardening, spending time outdoors, drinking wine and watching Netflix with my husband. In my day job, I work in a fundraising office managing the donor database for a small Christian university. I’m kind of a computer nerd, but that always kind of surprises people. I feel like most things are doable, learnable, figure-out-able. I sometimes have a hard time focusing because I think so many things are so interesting! I’d love to share with you what I’m doing around my house, in my kitchen, on my needles and on my screen.

I want to get better at life in general. Do you? Follow my journey to organize my house; I’ll show you the process: what’s working, what’s not working, and share some ideas of what could work for you. Tune in to my posts about what I’m making: whether it’s cakes and cupcakes for kids’ birthday parties or what I’m knitting or crocheting.

the craft evangelist family

Are you overwhelmed? Sometimes I am; I want to address that to. What kinds of things can we do to simplify our lives and homes and make things better? Let’s find out together.

I’ll share my healthy meal plans, my organization successes & fails (who doesn’t love a good fail?), my cake ideas and tips, my household management strategies, my parenting wins (and fails… so fun). Life, but better. We can do this, right?

I’m working on crafting a good life, living the best life I can and sharing the good news of crafting a good life.