Birthday Favourites!

It’s my birthday! Happy Birthday, me! How about for my birthday, you make one of my favourites?! You don’t have to make it for me. Make it in honour of me, for yourself or someone else you really like. Or for me if you really want, I guess.

*Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links, meaning if you click on them and buy something, you don’t pay any extra, but I may get a small commission.*

Would you believe I have 49 pages of favourites on Etsy? Well, I do! I just perused through a few of my favourite things and I thought I’d show you some of them.

Doozers are definitely a favourite of mine from childhood. I loved Fraggle Rock and especially Doozers!

As I’ve been working out this winter, I remember how quickly back muscles firm back up, so I’ve been dreaming of making one of these gorgeous sweaters. You should make one too.

I also love these fantastic flip flops! My sister is taking me to get a pedi this afternoon, so if you could hurry up and make these before then, that’d be super.

Also on my lists of favourites is this pattern for this whimsical man-eating bouquet. Not your traditional bouquet of flowers, but hilarious! I love it!

While not exactly a pattern, I’m sure one of you crafty embroiderers could figure out how to make this gorgeous dandelion hoop art, right? I love these so much and I only need about 20 of them or so to make a great display in my window!

Speaking of wall art, you could also get me one of these dream catcher wall hangings. My house doesn’t really have a boho vibe, but there’s something I’m just completely drawn to about this look. So funky.

While not for me (and I am DEFINITELY NOT dropping any hints) I love these adorable little clog slippers! They just make me want to find babies to make them for and kind of squeal while I talk! I love them. Go make some!

I’m also gonna need one of these adorable vintage camera purses. It would crochet up quickly and I accept late gifts. It’s alright.

Finally, this stripey sweater is just so sweet and perfect. I love stripes, so I’m definitely gonna wear one of these.

Pin these great ideas for later!

Doozer amigurumi crochet pattern for stuffed doozer builder toy from Jim Hensen's Fraggle Rock! I loved these little guys as a kid! #crochet #pattern #crochetpattern #amigurumi #fragglerock #jimhensen #crafts #yarn #craftevangelist
Gorgeous deep v-back sweater knitting pattern. Simple design with NO PURLS! all knit in stockinette! Easy and gorgeous sweater knitting pattern #knit #pattern #knittingpattern #knitting #yarn #crafts #sweater #beginnerpattern #craftevangelist
Cute and simple crochet pattern for crocheted flip flops in sizes 3-10. Make them for the whole family! One of my favourite crocheted slipper patterns! #crochet #pattern #crochetpattern #yarn #crafts #slippers #flipflops #thongs #crochetedshoes #craftevangelist
Oh wow! So FUN! Bouquet of man-eating plants crochet pattern! With a little man being eaten! How awesome is this amigurumi pattern!?! #crochet #pattern #crochetpattern #yarn #crafts #amigurumi #decor #funny #plants #maneatingplants #craftevangelist
So cool! These dandelion embroidery hoop art pieces are amazing! I wonder if I could make one myself?! Such a great idea! #crafts #embroidery #giftideas
Adorable Baby Clogs! Such a sweet baby slipper pattern, mostly crocheted, but with a macrame (friendship bracelet-style) back strap! These are so fun; soft little handmade crocs! #yarn #crafts #crochet #pattern #crochetpattern #slippers #baby #babypatterns #crochetbabypatterns #craftevangelist
Gorgeous bohemian dream catcher wall hanging, perfect for a wedding or bedroom instead of a headboard! I love this so much!!!
Adorable crochet pattern for this crochet vintage camera purse! One of my favourites! #crochet #yarn #pattern #crochetpattern #crafts #handbag #purse #craftevangelist
Simple top-down raglan sleeved knitting pattern for this striped sweater for women. Love the simplicity of this fun sweater! I need to make one of these #knitting #pattern #knittingpattern #knit #yarn #crafts #sweater #women #knittingforwomen #womenknittingpatterns #craftevangelist

Birthday-Zilla and the Birthday Cake

Daisy flower cake

So, my daughter turned 8 the other weekend. Crazy, but our friends have a 9-year-old, so I sort of feel prepared for it. Y’know, their kid turns 8 and then I have a full 14 months to get used to the fact that our kid is going to be 8. Helps soften the blow.

And maybe I’m a bit biased, but she’s the sweetest eight-year-old I know. Normally, she’s a very accommodating child. She’s our first-born and she has always loved people so much. So much so that I used to wonder why they even had toys for babies, because she was never very interested in toys, other than to chew on them. She was much more entertained by people. When her brother came along, there wasn’t a moment of jealousy. It was almost bizarre: she just loved him so much and was so glad to have another person along with her all the time. Z’s definition of a brother: permanent friend.

She’s usually pretty quick to offer solutions when there are disagreements over things and many times it’s: “You can have that, Simon, I’ll just use this.” It’s not that she’s never selfish, demanding or stubborn, but her usual way is pretty accommodating.

But I don’t know who told her the rules all changed for her birthday, but this year wasn’t the first year that she turned into something of a “Birthday-Zilla,” demanding that everything had to be her way. She had to have the biggest balloon “because it’s MY birthday.” SHE was going to help make lunch because it was HER birthday. Fun. Still, all in all, it turned out to be a good day.

There’s a lot of birthday party talk for a few months before the event around our house. It starts in earnest after Christmas. I remember the birthday party being quite the commodity as a child of Z’s age. I guess it’s one of the few things that a child really has much control or say over, so whom they invite and what they do and what the cake looks like is all a pretty big deal. Z described her cake and then she drew a picture of what she wanted it to look like. I wish I could find that picture; it was great. The kids helped with the flowers. I found some great fondant punches at J. Wilton Distributors which is a great little cake supply place not too far from my work. I make my own marshmallow fondant, which is easy and yummy (if you like super sweet marshmallows) and makes a lovely soft workable fondant.

Flower birthday cake