Bad Piggies Cake and Cupcakes and Party Ideas

Amazing Bad Piggies Cake & Cupcakes & Party Ideas

Hi! In full disclosure, I made this cake and these cupcakes a few years ago, but pictures last forever (as long as you can find them again, amiright?). I learned to decorate cakes from a four-week community night class when Mr Wonderful and I were newly married, mostly for fun, but it turns out it’s a great way to save money on cakes for my¬†family and friends. It’s a fun way to impress people when they come for birthday parties.

Amazing Bad Piggies Cake & Cupcakes!

These were a big hit with the party kids! They were actually really fun to make, which is good because I spent all night making these cupcakes. When Mr Wonderful got home from being out (pretty late himself), he said, “Are you still up?!?!?” to which I replied, “Don’t tell me what time it is. I don’t know and I feel fine and I still have more work to do.” It was past 3 AM before I got to bed, which made for a bit of a grumpy mom during the party… whoops!

Wow! Bad Piggie Cupcakes

We did play a pretty fun game, which I don’t have pictures for. We picked up a bunch of red helium balloons and some dollar store paper treat boxes. We put a Bad Piggie (from our Angry Birds game) inside the box, tied a couple balloons to the box and swatted it around the main floor in something of an obstacle course. When they got to the end, the kids got a yellow card-stock card filled with candy and a balloon. It was such a fun, homemade game. It had its issues, but I love that kind of simple, goofy fun, even when there are kinks to work out. It makes the kids think a little more creatively about how to make it work and if there’s anything that Bad Piggies is about, it’s creative problem-solving.

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