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Spring is for babies! So many babies being born or babies-to-be announced! So it’s got me thinking about and searching for some lovely handmade patterns to knit and crochet as gifts to welcome these new babies! Check out some of them below.

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I love this adorable crocheted deer hat. It would make a great gift for a baby of a hunting family (though, that’s kind of morbid if you think too much about it…) or super cute for a Christmas baby.

This sweet crochet pattern for a textured baby hat with an adorable bow would be the perfect gift for a new little girl baby! Pink and bows are so much fun! My little girl loved pink and I loved to make pink hats for her… now not so much with the pink. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Booties are always a great thing to make for new babies. I love to make booties because, with the right pattern, handmade booties will actually stay on a baby’s feet! So many baby slippers and socks will just slip right off and then you end up losing them and that’s a real shame. I can’t tell if this pattern above allows those ties to go around the ankle, but I know this pattern does, because I have made them a number of times and it is a great pattern.

It’s definitely easier taking photos of slippers once there are someone’s feet in them! You should totally try out this pattern if you have a baby in your life. Hook Candy has a couple of slipper patterns that I have made and they are really great.

Here is the pair I made for my youngest baby (over 7 years ago *sniff*).

Maybe you have lots of time or a very special baby coming your way, then you can crochet up this adorable set of booties with a matching hat! I love buttons on baby booties!

Need to sharpen your crochet skills before you tackle these great crochet patterns? Check out Blueprint’s online crochet classes!

Or, if you are not as good with gauge yet, you could make a decor gift like this teddy bear rug for baby’s room. What a sweet pattern! It would make a fantastic shower gift that everyone will oooh over!

Or you could make a super cute toy pattern! There are also plenty of fun amigurumi patterns here on my blog for you to check out or on my Amigurumi Pinterest board. This adorable Spotty the Cow amigurumi pattern is super sweet and a unique toy to make for a new baby. Love it!

If you liked these patterns, don’t forget to follow my Knit & Crochet: Baby board on Pinterest, where I post all sorts of great knit and crochet patterns and inspiration for babies!

Adorable crochet pattern for amigurumi cow stuffed animal toy. Check out all of craft evangelist's baby pattern finds!Classic Teddy Bear Crochet Rug PDF Pattern with Instant Download. This would look great in a nursery or kid's room and would make a fantastic baby shower gift!

Adorable crochet pattern set for baby hat and booties. I love the cute button closure for the booties! Also, they look really practical, like they would open right up and be easy to put on! Looks like a simple, easy crochet pattern evven a beginner could handle! Check out all of craft evangelist's baby pattern finds!

Adorable baby moccasin booties! This pattern has a tie that goes around the baby's ankle and keeps the booties on baby's feet! Perfect! Quick and cute pattern to crochet up! Check out craft evangelist's baby pattern finds

Cute pattern for a crocheted baby hat with a bow. Would be adorable on a new baby girl! Love the stitch pattern and the bow detail! Check out all of craft evangelist's baby pattern finds!

Soooooo cute! Crocheted baby deer hat! Warm and adorable. Perfect for photo shoot, but also great for just staying warm in the winter. Now I just need a pattern.. Check out all of craft evangelist's baby pattern finds!
Adorable baby slipper pattern that looks like little sneakers! So cute! pdf crochet pattern to instantly download for a last minute project!  Check out all of craft evangelist's baby pattern finds!

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