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Probably the rest of you have already had your holidays and it certainly seems like holiday mode has been in full swing for the last month. The kids are out of school, evening activities are on hiatus, the weather is warmer. At our house, we’re renovating, so even though I’ve just begun my holidays from work, I don’t really get a break, as we’ve got a lot of work to do around here.

But it doesn’t mean that I’m still not finding great crafty things to share the good news with you about! Don’t forget to follow my Pinterest boards to keep up with all the great crafty stuff I share on there. It’s my fave. If I’m not posting here as often, I’m always there saving awesome ideas.

So today I’ve gathered up my top 10 Summer Picks for gift-giving (or gift-making!) from my favourite online crafty place, Etsy!

With work planned in nearly every room of the house, I’ve tried to find one place I can finish. We built a new deck a few years ago, and we got some lovely deck furniture and a gazebo which I love, so that’s been the “room” I’ve been working at finishing and I have found some great crafty things that I love.

*Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links, meaning if you click on them and buy something, you don’t pay any extra, but I may get a small commission.*

I love bright colours outside, so check out these awesome outdoor pillows from Say It With Pillows

This one is my personal favourite

Also, birdhouses are such a fun way to decorate an outdoor space. Check out these adorable vintage camper birdhouse kits from 1Man 1 Garage!

Aren’t they amazing? What a fun crafty gift idea to make with the kids this summer? So adorable! I think this would fit in great with my outdoor space!

Another nice touch to my cute little deck “room” might be a fun sign. I’m not sure Mr Evanglist is on board with signs as much as I am (though he was ok with some signs for the kids’ basement space, so maybe he’d be ok with this one): Country Angel Rustic Decor has a wide variety of signs. Here’s a cute one I found for the deck:

Of course, summer for most people isn’t all about renovations and finishing an outdoor deck space. Mr Evangelist and I, like a lot of people, got married in the summer, so we celebrated our anniversary. And anniversaries are a great time to gift jewellery gifts! And I wouldn’t scoff at a beautiful ring like this one from Rutledge Jewelers:

Isn’t it gorgeous? So delicate and pretty! It would make a super simple wedding band for an understated bride!

But I wouldn’t be the Craft Evangelist that I am unless I directed you to some great crafty patterns that are perfect to work up in the hot summer months. Small projects that are light and easy to travel with are perfect for summer. It’s also a great time to teach the kids in your life to crochet. Check out some of these great patterns you could get for them (or make for them!)

Qians Little Creation has this super cute amigurumi doll crochet pattern that would make a super sweet little gift or an inspiration for a new crocheter to learn the craft!

And once you make one of those, you can make some amigurumi furniture to furnish an adorable little amigurumi doll house! This pattern is by Amigurumisnl and I think it’s so creative! You can make anything out of crochet!

Or you could make this adorable Lewis the Lion amigurumi! Another little project perfect for travel or the beach by Theresa’s Crochet Shop!

Or if toys aren’t your thing, perhaps you’d like to make a super sweet Crochet Tunic for the beach for your summer vacation?

I love the look of lacy crochet patterns for casual wear! And this pattern is a steal at only just over $2 CAD! Instant digital downloads mean you can get crocheting right away! carolrosa designs has plenty of other affordable patterns you can try out too!

Or, maybe you could use a new pair of flip-flops? Make your own for yourself, or as a gift from this pattern (for Child-Adult, sizes 3-10) from Mamachee!

As sad as it may seem to think about the end of summer, summer is also a great time to start working on projects for fall. We’ve had a few chilly, rainy days this week, so curling up with a ball of yarn doesn’t sound so bad. And then you could make this adorable hooded fox crocheted jacket.

At least you could if you read German (haha) which I do not. It’s so cute, though: I hope there’s an English pattern available soon! (Maybe I could figure it out, though… one of my colleagues is having a baby and she loves foxes…)

That about wraps it up! Enjoy the rest of your summer! Make some memories with your friends and family and make some stuff!

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Check out my top 10 summer Etsy picks! There's plenty of summery goodness to be had!

Cute crocheted flip flop pattern for child to adults in sizes 3-10! What a great summer crochet pattern idea! Check out craftevangelist's summer top 10 Etsy picks!
Gorgeous rose gold infinity ring. Great for a wedding band or anniversary gift. Love this delicate hand-crafted ring! Beautiful find on craftevangelist's summer top 10 Etsy picks! #craftevangelist
What a sweet crocheted doll pattern! Love this adorable little doll with her teeny purse and hat! Sweet find in craftevangelist's summer top 10 Etsy picks! #craftevangeilst
Adorable crochet pattern for a little amigurumi lion. So cute! Great find in craftevangelist's top 10 summer Etsy picks! #craftevangelist
Love this pretty crocheted lacy summer tunic pattern! Perfect handmade beachwear! Super affordable pattern, too! Part of craftevangelist's top 10 summer Etsy picks! #craftevangelist

Super cute kitchen amigurumi crochet pattern for a doll house. This pattern creator also has an adorable gnome family too! So sweet. Part of #craftevangelist's top 10 summer Etsy picks!

Gorgeous pillows! So bright and perfect for the deck!  Great summer pick by #craftevangelist

ADORABLE DIY Vintage Camper Bird House kit! I love this! It's so cute! I want one for the deck! Great find by #craftevangelist

Summer is a great time to start fall projects! Check out this adorable fox cardigan for kids! One of #craftevangelist's top 10 summer Etsy picks!

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