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While stay at home recommendations have relaxed somewhat here in my city, this pandemic is far from over and it’s still wise to maintain distance and stay home as much as possible. Or at least away from crowds. And while crochet is fun in groups, it’s an activity you can do by yourself, but it does get a bit warm to sit under a heavy afghan as the weather warms up. We’re still staying home a lot and hunkering down in front of the TV in the evenings. And one of the things that keeps me from eating all the snacks in the house is keeping my hands busy with crochet. So, I’ve collected a bunch of crochet patterns that are smaller patterns (so you don’t get too hot) that you can take outside and crochet on your deck while we still practice safe social distancing.

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I’m always a sucker for a handbag. Which is funny, because I almost never change my handbag, but I love looking at them, having them, making them. I don’t know. I’m weird, I guess. But isn’t this Embossed Crocheted Handbag Pattern just lovely? Many times I can figure out how to make a crocheted item without a pattern (though, it’s always better with a pattern, let me tell you), but this technique is unfamiliar to me, so I’m totally excited to figure out how to make this beauty! The pictures that other makers have made of this pattern look equally as professionally made as this beautiful handbag, which tells me that the instructions are well-written and easy to follow. And that strap looks knit, so I’m really interested to see if it is or not!

I have also grown surprisingly fond of pillows. This Crochet Knot Pillow Pattern is a really fun looking pattern that would be a great conversation piece on any couch. It is certainly a different kind of throw pillow to add a touch of fun to a room. It might make a fun addition to a teen room as well.

Making amigurumi is perfect for warmer weather! Small little characters that work up quickly, require little yarn and are so adorable when you’re done! Hamish the Hamster Amigurumi Pattern is a cute little stuffed toy pattern that anyone would enjoy. Made in different colours, with a few different snacks, this chubby little hamster toy would delight anyone.

Don’t you just love this Unicorn Crochet Pattern? Such a sweet little toy for any unicorn-loving kid! I love the shiny, fluffy embroidery floss mane and the adorable little heart purse accessory for this sweet little pony toy. If your kid is more about the horses, you can easily omit the unicorn horn and you’d have a great little pony stuffy!

A cute little bear is a great toy for a kid, but for a stuffy that’s a little more unique, try making one of these Cuddle-Sized Koala Amigurumi Patterns as a stuffed lovey for the little one in your life. I love the fuzzy ears, which is made by brushing the right kind of yarn, so you don’t even need a different kind of yarn for that adorable little feature.

If you have time and patience, you can make this Marigold and Her Friend, Mr Chatters Crochet Pattern. Pink Mouse Boutique has many teeny tiny amigurumi patterns that are just adorable! This one is fun and versatile because, even though it can be made with a small yarn and be made to fit in your hand, it can also be made with a larger yarn for a full-sized, cuddly doll!

Aren’t these brightly coloured Tropical Fish Amigurumi Crochet Patterns just so much fun? You could make the whole Finding Nemo aquarium with this fun set of patterns because this fabulous amigurumi pattern set includes a clownfish, a striped boarfish, a angelfish, tang fish, and a butterfly fish. So, if you were unable to keep fish alive in your aquarium, you can still re-purpose that aquarium with a set of fish that will never die!

There’s just something magnetic about this June Mouse Amigurumi Crochet Pattern. It’s a little alien looking with its slightly triangular head and the little embroidered detail on the chest is just lovely. This easy pattern is a beginner-friendly and contains plenty of photos. The body is seamless and the head moves! How fun is that?

There’s just something fun and whimsical about crocheted food. This Sundae Crochet Pattern is adorable and would make a great addition to a play kitchen set. Check out all the fun additions on this lovely pattern: including the dripping chocolate syrup, the whipped cream, rolled tuiles and the cherry on top! It would also make a very fun pin cushion in a craft room, don’t ya think?

Finally, this adorable set of Alley Cat Patterns is complete with fun garbage cans and fish bones for this funky group of cats. These would make a fun gift for a cat lover and would make a cute display in a kids room.

Crochet is a wonderful way to pass the time and keep your hands and mind busy while your husband is watching basketball documentaries. This little patterns will keep you occupied and delight anyone with the cheer of a handmade toy. So, grab some of your yarn stash and get making! Or pin it for later!

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I love this chubby cheeked adorable little hamster crochet pattern! I can't wait to make one of these for my nephew! Plenty of detailed instructions and photos to help guide this easy to follow pattern. #crochetpattern #amigurumipattern #hamstercrochetpattern #stuffedtoypattern #craftevangelist
This beautiful unicorn crochet pattern is complete with detailed instructions and over 150 photos of the process to make your own diy stuffed crocheted unicorn! Can't wait to make this toy! #crochetpattern #amigurumipattern #unicornstuffy #crochetedtoys #craftevangelist
Adorable cuddle-sized koala amigurumi crochet pattern! Love this sweet little stuffed animal you can make yourself with this detailed pattern! #crochetpattern #amigurumipattern #crochetedtoys #crochetedstuffies #craftevangelist
Sweet little tiny doll crochet pattern can be made in any sized yarn for a larger cuddly doll or a tiny toy! Love this sweet little doll pattern, complete with wagon and little bear toy! #crochetpattern #crochetdollpattern #amigurumipattern #amigurumidollpattern #craftevangelist
Fun set of tropical fish amigurumi crochet patterns! These would be so fun to fill up an old aquarium! Includes a clown fish crochet pattern, a striped boarfish crochet pattern, an angelfish crochet pattern, a tang fish crochet pattern and a butterfly fish crochet pattern. So much fun! #crochetpattern #amigurumipattern #fishcrochetpattern #crochetfish #aquariumfillers #oldaquarium #craftevangelist
Adorable amigurumi little mouse or bunny pattern. So cute and cuddly, makes a perfect little handmade toy for a little one! Easy beginner amigurumi toy crochet pattern! #crochetpattern #amigurumipattern #toypattern #diystuffy #craftevangelist
Lovely amigurumi play food ice cream sundae dessert crochet pattern! This would make such a fun addition to a play kitchen! I love all the details on this great amigurumi pattern: whipped cream, chocolate sauce, pirioule cookies and a cherry on top! What a fun crochet pattern! #crochetpattern #amigurumipattern #playfoodpattern #crochetplayfood #craftevangelist
Alley Cats amigurumi crochet pattern. What a fun crochet pattern, complete with cats, fish bones and trash cans! Crochet this happy little set of patterns for the cat lover in your life. #crochetpattern #crochetcats #amigurumipattern #amigurumicats #stuffedtoys #craftevangelist
Crochet Knot Pillows pattern. I love these celtic knot crocheted throw cushions! Make your own with this easy to follow pdf downloadable crochet pattern! Perfect quarantine project! #crochetpillow #celticknot #celticknotpillow #throwpillow #throwcushion #diydecor #craftevangelist
Gorgeous crocheted embossed handbag! Make this beautiful handbag yourself with this easy to follow detailed crochet pattern! #crochethandbag #crochetpattern #handbagcrochetpattern #bagcrochetpattern #crochetedpurse #pursepattern #craftevangelist

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