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When I think of making in the summer time, I think about not wanting to sit under the heat of a heavy sweater or blanket as I work. I think of projects that travel easily, finish quickly, have a quick pay off. And little dolls are just the thing. I love amigurumis and I know many of you do, too. So check out these adorable crochet patterns and pick up one and bust some of your stash this summer while crocheting outside or while travelling.

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Aren’t these little Jessy and Woody amigurumi doll pattern adorable? This would be a fun little handmade gift for a Toy Story loving child! I love how they are definitely inspired by the Disney film, but are not trying to look exactly like the toys in the movie. Look at Jessy’s perfect chaps! Love them. So much fun. Get the pattern here.

If you really want to go tiny, check out this Emma and Her Dollhouse Crochet Pattern. Pink Mouse Boutique has so many mini amigurumi dolls patterns, it’s definitely worth checking out that shop if you love tiny crochet. Her adorable little house opens up like a little book with little activities for her to do in each room. There’s a bathtub she fits in, a little bed for her to rest in, and even a little kitchen. Such a cute quiet book to make to keep that little one busy and quiet. Get the pattern here.

Here’s a quick little pattern that is sure to delight little boys. This Amigurumi Monsters Crochet Pattern works up quickly and makes this adorable long-armed creature to tuck in your pocket and befriend. This is a great beginner-level crochet pattern, so if you’re new to crochet and want to try out amigurumi, this is a great first start. Also, it takes just a small amount of yarn and fiberfill, so it’s a great stash-busting project to use up those bits of leftover worsted weight yarn. Find the pattern here.

This Amigurumi Sloth Crochet Pattern is another fun pattern from Mohu Store. This is also an easy level pattern and quick to crochet. Make your friends some sweet little sloths for Christmas. If you’re getting tired of the standard santas and snowmen for Chrsitmas decorations, start thinking outside the box and just put a Christmas-coloured bow on this sweet little sloth and bam, you’ve got a fun and unique Christmas gift. Get the pattern here.

There’s just something so sweet about this Feliz the mini sheep amigurumi crochet pattern. I love the loopy stitch on the body of this sweet amigurumi. The sad look on this little lamb means that he will be ready to befriend any kid who finds themselves in need of a friend. Find the pattern here.

If you’re getting into making amigurumi, you’ll probably need some safety eyes. Check out these. You’ll probably also need some polyfil.

Here’s another quick little pattern that is perfect for a beginner. This Baby Penguin Amigurumi Crochet Pattern can be made in any colour you like! Make a whole rainbow of colourful baby penguins! Add a little hanger and a scarf and this little penguin would make a great Christmas ornament to hang on your tree! Find the pattern here. To check out Storyland Amis many other great crochet patterns, visit their whole shop here.

How sweet is this Leander the Chibi Lion Amigurumi Pattern? I love the adorable curly cues that make up his mane! Such a sweet little friend for a little one! This pattern is rated easy/intermediate, so if you’ve been crocheting for a little while and want to venture into something a little more complex, this is the perfect pattern for you! Find the pattern here. Check out Elfin Thread’s many other fabulous patterns here in their shop.

Need a set of crochet hooks? This Crochet Hook Set has everything you need to get started with crochet.

It was Harry Potter’s 40th birthday yesterday! If you forgot to celebrate, you can make it up by making one of these great Wizard Boy Crochet Pattern. He’s absolutely adorable! And no matter what you think of the author of this book, they are great stories and fun characters. If you have a Potterhead in your circle, this would make a lovely gift! Find this great Harry Potter inspired amigurumi pattern here. Check out Green Frog Crochet’s other fabulous patterns here in the shop.

I just love this sweet Amigurumi Doll with Sheep Ears Crochet Pattern. Just a tiny doll that fits in your hand and has this adorable little rosette and floppy sheep ears hat, she’s a sweet doll that anyone would be sure to love! This is another pattern that would be great for the advanced beginner: approachable but requires knowledge of the basics. Find the pattern here. Check out Crochet Confetti Shop for many more great amigurumi patterns.

This down-to-earth The Couple Amigurumi Dolls Crochet Pattern is a lovely pattern if you’re looking to make gifts for a pair of siblings, or it would even make a charming wedding gift for a newlywed couple. How adorable would this sweet couple be made to look like a couple you know in real life! I love their adorable bucket hats and their sweet little garments. I love the detail on this cute little pattern. Find this adorable pattern here.

I know medical professionals have been on our minds a lot these days. Many of us feeling very grateful for the doctors and nurses who are doing so much good work during this pandemic. You can show your appreciation to a medical professional or their family by making this cute Amigurumi Doctor Doll Crochet Pattern. Lovely little pattern to make if you are waiting out treatment in the hospital and need something to fill your time. Get the pattern here.

For something a little different, check out this series of Crochet Seashell Mini Doll Pattern and Tutorials: three little creatures with different seashell hats to crochet. These would make fun little decorations at a beach house. I love the adorable conch hat one! These would make great little gifts for siblings or for a new baby: no eyes or buttons and plenty of room for imaginative play! Get the pattern here.

Looking for a great amigurumi yarn? Yarn Art Jeans is a size 2 cotton blend yarn with excellent stitch definition! It’s perfect for amigurumi!

How much fun is this Crochet Cake Doll Amigurumi Pattern? I love her sprinkled and cherry-topped dress and her fun lace-up boots! Such a cute and unique crocheted doll idea, sure to impress and delight anyone, but especially a cake lover! What a delightful little pattern! Find the it here.

This little Ruby Doll Pattern makes a lovely little doll that results in a 30-33 cm little doll. I love her striped shirt and paper-bag style shorts (very trendy). She looks ready for a trip to the seaside. And I love that chunky yarn used for her hair! So sweet. Get the crochet pattern here.

Lastly, I’ve found this Pattern Bundle: Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, and Tigger Amigurumi Crochet Patterns. These little dolls would be sure to delight a new parent and be fantastic heirloom gifts for a new baby. So sweet and perfect for the Winnie the Pooh lover! Get the pattern here.

Summertime is still a great time to crochet: just grab some scraps of yarn and one of these adorable patterns and bust your stash by making some sweet little doll patterns. Pick up a pattern today or pin it for later!

Adorable little amigurumi dolls crochet pattern round up! I love to make little crocheted amigurumis during the summer time! It's such a great way to use up leftover yarn and it makes the sweetest little dolls! #crafts #yarn #amigurumi #crochetpatterns #patternroundup #craftevangelist
Adorable little Disney Toy Story inspired dolls named after Jessie and Woody. Little cowboy dolls amigurumi crochet patterns! Super fun. #crochetpattern #amigurumipattern #handmadedolls #crafts #yarn #craftevangelist
Sweet miniature doll crochet pattern with an adorable little quiet book style dollhouse. Great little gift to keep a little one busy! Perfect for travelling! Love little projects like these! #crochetpattern #amigurumipattern #miniamigurumi #tinydolls #crafts #yarn #craftevangelist
I love these quick and easy amigurumi monster crochet patterns. These are such a fun idea to use up extra bits of yarn and make sweet little toys for kids or adults! #crochetpattern #amigurumipattern #miniamigurumi #amigurumimonster #tinyamigurumi #crafts #yarn #craftevangelist
Super sweet and adorable little sloth amigurumi crochet pattern! How sweet are these little guys? Perfect summer stash-busting project to make! #crochetpattern #amigurumipattern #crafts #yarn #miniamigurumi #tinyamigurumi #craftevangelist
Cute little mini sheep amigurumi crochet pattern. Can't wait to make one of these adorable little dolls! Perfect little sad sheep crochet pattern to make for a new little baby. #crochetpattern #amigurumipattern #amigurumisheep #miniamigurumi #tinyamigurumi #yarn #crafts #craftevangelist
What a fun and easy little baby penguin amigurumi crochet pattern. Love this adorable little palm-sized handmade toy! Perfect little gift for a group of kids. #crochetpattern #amigurumipattern #crafts #yarn #miniamigurumi #amigurumipenguin #craftevangelist
Leander the Lion amigurumi crochet pattern makes a delightful little lion crochet pattern to make for any child. Perfect jungle themed handmade toy idea for baby! #crochetpattern #amigurumipattern #littledolls #miniamigurumi #yarn #crafts #craftevangelist
Super cute Harry Potter inspired wizard doll amigurumi pattern. How sweet is this little doll?! Love it! #amigurumipattern #crochetpattern #harrypotter #wizarddoll #crafts #yarn #craftevangelist
Such a sweet and beautiful little amigurumi sheep doll pattern! I love her little rosette and floppy sheep ears with puff stitch on the hat How adorable! Look how great it would be as a key chain! #crochetpattern #amiguruimpattern #amigurumidoll #miniamigurumi #tinyamigurumi #yarn #crafts #craftevangelist
Sweet little basic amigurumi dolls. The Couple makes a great starting point for making adorable handmade crocheted dolls! Can't wait to make one of these sweet toys! #amigurumipattern #crochetpattern #amigurumidolls #crafts #yarn #craftevangelist
Tiny amigurumi crochet pattern for this adorable little doctor doll with mask. Perfect little keychain pattern to make for a nurse or doctor who is special to you! #crochetpattern #amigurumipattern #miniamigurumi #tinydolls #crafts #yarn #craftevangelist
1 Cute Crochet Pattern to make 3 whimsical seashell dudes. Such a fun little amigurumi pattern to make for an imaginative child! #crochetpattern #amigurumipattern #yarn #crafts #seashelldoll #craftevangelist
Adorable crochet cake doll amigurumi pattern! What a fun and whimsical doll, perfect handmade gift for a cake lover! Sweet drizzle of chocolate ganache and topped with a cherry and sprinkles! #crochetpattern #amigurumipattern #crochetdoll #cakedoll #yarn #crafts #craftevangelist
Sweet little amigurumi doll crochet pattern. I love this sweet little doll with her striped shirt and drawstring shorts. Such a fun and simple looking little doll for a sweet kid. #crochetpattern #amigurumipattern #amigurumidoll #crochetdollpattern #crafts #yarn #craftevangelist
4 super cute patterns in this 1 crochet pattern bundle. You can make Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore with this cute little crochet pattern! Such a sweet set! #crochetpattern #patternbundle #amigurumipattern #handmadedisney #winniethepooh #crafts #yarn #craftevangelist

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