Affordable and Unique Living Room Decor Ideas

We renovated our living room (what we call the family room) last summer, along with our kitchen. I love them both and the changes we made in our living room/dining room area make the space so much more functional than it was before! I don’t consider myself to be the best interior designer, but I’m happy with the bones of what we have put together. I am slowly building out the rest of the “dressing” of this room. And a few weeks ago, I finally got a few things up on the walls. There’s still more to do and I’m always considering new ideas. But let me share what we did and give you some ideas for your rooms!

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This space above this side of the couch now sports this series of Winter Gallery Wall prints from Seven Paper Prints in Ikea Ribba frames. They do have a very lovely wintery vibe to them. I have plans to switch them out twice a year for another seasonal set of prints.

I bought this set of floral digital prints, plus a couple more from BohoRina to have printed and put in the same frames for spring.

I also considered this Set of 6 Watercolor Greenery Prints from Art Space Lia. The fun thing about digital prints is that you can download them immediately, send them off to your favourite printer, pop them in some frames and voila, super affordable, near-instant art!

There are some super fun custom decor pieces you can get as well for a very affordable price, especially if you have access to a good printer, like this Custom Family Portrait from Love Becca Designs.

On our fireplace accent wall, I actually painted a very subtle design with two different sheens of the same colour paint. You can only tell it’s there if you are looking from the right angle where the light hits it just so. It’s for the best since it’s a pretty busy wall with a fireplace, a mantel, and the TV, but if there wasn’t so much going on with it, I absolutely would have considered a fun stencil like this Herringbone Wall Stencil from Stencilit.

My kids are a little old for this, but I love this fun “Look What I Made” Sign from Grow and Company. I’d probably hang it in the dining room, above our sideboard. Kids love having their art on display and it’s always nice to have a place to display it that is easy to swap new works of art out.

However, since my kids aren’t really demanding that I display their artwork as much as they used to, I think these beautiful Rustic Floating Wood Shelves from iirntree are probably a little more appropriate for the space above the sideboard. We’ve become very accustomed to storing our wine glasses in the kitchen, but some floating shelves like this in the dining room would make some more space in the kitchen cabinets for some other things.

Get those cute spice jars!

This fun Set of 3 Wooden Arrows from Cherry Tree Gallery are another option to consider and would look good in my living room. Is the arrows thing getting a little outdated? I never really jumped on this trend, but it seems like it might be waning a little.

This is not our fireplace wall, but we did go with a mantel very similar to this Wood Beam Mantel from Anjowga Woodworks. We found a local guy on who made ours for us and it was great. It has French Cleat mounting hardware just like this one, which made it super easy to hang and it’s super sturdy.

We put in a fireplace insert under it, which I love. This is the one we got:

Would it really be a post by me if it didn’t include a pattern or two? One of the great things about knitting and crochet is that you can make your own decor: beautiful, luxury pieces custom made by you to add your own special touch. Throw pillows are a great place to do this, like this Symphony Crochet Cushion Pattern from Knitted Decor. The diamond/chevron pattern adds an interesting texture and is a classic geometric-inspired piece.

Or maybe you would prefer this Boho Crochet Pillow Pattern from Seacliffe Cottage. The fun bobble pattern make for an interesting project and you will love to display this unique pillow on your couch!

Are you updating your living room decor this season? What kinds of things are inspiring you? What ideas do you have for your space to really come together? It doesn’t necessarily take a lot of money to design a space that you love. With some creative thinking, a little bit of time and attention to detail, you can make a space that is cozy and inviting for your family to enjoy. Pin it for later!

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