Patterns for Black History Month

I know I missed it by a week, but February is Black History Month, but my life getting in the way is not going to stop me from posting this late. I am not black, but I think it’s important to learn about the history of other people, especially marginalized peoples. Also, there’s been some tension in the “fiber community” (is that a thing? yes, apparently it is) around race lately and I’ve been convicted that if I don’t stand up against racism, my silence and my privilege allows the status quo to continue and the bullies to win. I want to thank Tyne Swedish for giving so much of her time to raise awareness about these issues and stand with the oppressed and stand against racism and oppression. Follow her Instagram account and buy her a coffee if you can!

I’m super sad that people of colour have been made to feel unwelcome in spaces for knitters and crocheters, so today I would like to highlight some patterns by black designers. It’s a small gesture, I know; but it’s what I do, so taking some time to highlight some POC designers seemed like something I could do. Go support some of these great designers by buying a pattern today and sharing it on social media (tag the designer) when you’re done!

*Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links, meaning if you click on them and buy something, you don’t pay any extra, but I may get a small commission.*

First up is Toni Lipsey of TLYarnCrafts. This woman is so adorable in her Instagram stories: so cheery and upbeat. She also has some gorgeous designs. It’s a little out of season right now, but eventually, winter will be over (right?). I love this Rebel Cami Pattern; it looks so casual, perfect to pair with jeans or cutoffs. I really love this halter-style top, how it really shows off the shoulders. (And isn’t her model just gorgeous?)

Another lovely (but not exactly perfect for a Canadian winter) pattern from TLYarnCrafts is this Lemonade Top Pattern. I love the open lacy back and it looks like it would make a great beach cover-up.

More appropriate for winter, Toni also has several gorgeous shawls including this recent one in Tunisian crochet, the Ada Shawl. I’ve never crocheted anything in Tunisian crochet, though my mother in law did show me how to do it and I crocheted a row for her, so I kinda know how. I like the way it looks. I should really give it a go… maybe with this pattern. I don’t usually wear shawls, but I do wear a lot of scarves, so I think this looks like I could wear it the same way I would a scarf.

Third Vault Yarns is a lovely designer based in the UK and I quite like these Burn the Capitol Fingerless Gloves. They were designed as a tribute to the Hunger Games for the Third Vault Hunger Games Yarn Club (which sounds awesome, by the way). Super cool and I love these fall colours!

A Raging Purlwind has designed this beautiful Knit Mermaid Top/Crop Top Patter Bundle, which I think is adorable. I love how she’s got curves, so the rest of us can see ourselves in a design.

I’m so completely over winter, so I’m just going to pretend that I could wear these fun summery designs now instead of in MONTHS. (ugh–ok sorry enough weather complaining). Check out this adorable Knit Love Note Tank pattern, also from A Raging Purlwind. So cute. Get making one today and you’ll be all set for summer!

Ok, so I’m already behind on publishing this post (I started last week when it was still February, but I’m not going to let perfection to be the enemy of good.) So choose a pattern from one of these fantastic designers or the many others who are also on Ravelry. Tyne Swedish has a saved Instagram Story featuring BIPOC Designers (if you’re new to that term, I had to look it up myself: Black Indigenous People of Colour) that you can check out, as well as one featuring BIPOC Makers.

Pin this post to share with your friends and share some love for these fantastic designers and their beautiful patterns. Or choose to pin your just your favourite! Choose from the pins below!

Gorgeous Tunisian crochet shawl pattern by TLYarnCrafts. I love her designs! So pretty. I need to make this shawl! #crochet #yarn #crafts #shawl #scarf
Rebel Cami tank top crochet pattern. I love this casual summer crochet top, perfect to pair with cut offs or jeans! #crochet #pattern #women #summer #tanktop #crochetpattern #yarn #crafts #BIPOCdesigners #craftevangelist
Lemonade top crochet tunic pattern, makes a great long top or beach cover up. So sweet. I love the lacy back and the tie front! #crochet #pattern #BIPOCdesigners #yarn #crafts #crochetpattern
Burn the Capitol fingerless mittens knitting pattern. I love how fancy this pattern looks! Inspired by the Hunger Games, this fingerless gloves are so pretty, perfect fall colours!
Super pretty mermaid knit top pattern bundle, with instructions for both a crop top or a full length top. Adorable for all sizes! #knitting #pattern #yarn #crafts #knittop #BIPOCdesigners #craftevangelist
Beautiful lacy summery tank top knitting pattern: the Love Note tank. Such a cute pattern to work on while you dream of summer! #knitting #knit #pattern #summer #tanktop #knittop #knittingforwomen #BIPOCdesigners

Vest Patterns

I found some great patterns for you to check out today! Vests. Are they cool? I hope so, because I’m really liking them lately! Which one do you like?

*Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links, meaning if you click on them and buy something, you don’t pay any extra, but I may get a small commission.*

This lacy Daydreamer Crochet Vest pattern from Megmade with Love looks easy and carefree. Don’t you love that fringe?

In a similar style, but with a little more warmth, The Wanderer Vest from KayKrochets also boasts an adorable fringe… and maybe a little less chain stitch!

I’m LOVING this faux fur crocheted vest pattern from Mama in a Stitch. This is definitely near the top of my list and is a fantastic use of Lion Brand’s new Go For Faux yarn.

I think knitting might be a little easier with this Go For Faux yarn though. I think it’d be easier to keep track of your stitches if they were on your needles all the time. This Go For Faux Vest knitting pattern from Knitatude looks simple and cute.

Another long fringe-y vest pattern… hmmm… I wonder what I should make? I keep looking at really similar patterns, so… ? hahaha. Also, I love the name of this vest from Hopeful Honey Designs: Whispering Birch Bohemian Vest.

My mind doesn’t immediately go to a pattern like this for a vest, but this Chain Link Armored Cowl Crocheted Vest Pattern from Woods and Wool Shop is super cozy looking.

I’m also quite liking this asymmetrical crocheted vest pattern: The Sherwood Vest from Newborn Knots: simple and trendy. Also, I love large buttons like that.

Here’s another knitting pattern for the knitters in the bunch. This Justice Vest Knitting Pattern from Bromefields is a great beginner pattern. Even as a more advanced knitter, sometimes a beginner pattern is just so refreshing because you can make it look amazing without as much effort or concentration as a more advanced pattern.

If you’re looking for a vest pattern, be sure to check some of these out and pin it to share with your friends!

Sweet Vest Patterns to knit and crochet. Love the look of the faux fur vests! #knit #crochet #pattern #patternroundup #crochetpattern #knittingpattern #vests #diy #yarn #crafts #knitclothes #crochetclothes #knityourownclothes #crochetyourownclothes #knitforwomen #crochetforwomen #crochetforchange #knitforchange #craftevangelist
Love this long boho daydreamer vest crochet pattern! Perfect accessory for festival life! Love the fringe! #crochet #vest #pattern #crochetpattern #crochetforwomen #crochetclothes #diy #yarn #crafts
The Wanderer Vest crochet pattern. Long crochet vest pattern with fringe. This is so fun! #crochet #crochetpattern #pattern #crochetvest #crochetforwomen #crochetclothes #diy #yarn #crafts
What a fun faux fur vest crochet pattern! Made with Lion Brand Go For Faux yarn! So cozy! I need to make one of these! #crochet #pattern #crochetpattern #yarn #crochetforwomen #crochetclothes #vest #crochetvest #fauxfur #goforfaux #lionbrand #diy #crafts #diyclothes
Sweet boho vest crochet pattern: Whispering Birch Vest. I love the little tie, the long length and the groovy fringe. #crochet #pattern #crochetpattern #vest #crochetvest #diyclothes #crochetclothes #crochetforwomen #diy #yarn #crafts #craftevangelist
Love this Cozy Cowl neck vest knitting pattern: Chain Link Armored Cowl pattern to knit. #knitting #knit #pattern #knittingpattern #knityourownclothes #knitvest #knitcowl #yarn #crafts #diy #craftevangelist
The Sherwood Vest asymmetrical crocheted vest pattern. I love how great this looks with a pair of boots. I love the big wooden button closure on top! #crochet #pattern #crochetpattern #crochetvest #yarn #crafts #diy #crochetyourownclothes #crochetforwomen #crochetforchange #craftevangelist
Go For Faux vest knitting pattern for Lion Brand Go For Faux yarn. I need to make one of these cozy vests! #yarn #crafts #knitting #pattern #knittingpattern ##knitvest #knityourownclothes #goforfaux #fauxfur #craftevangelist

Handmade Beach Wear

Great collection of crochet patterns for beach wear: cover ups, shorts, halter tops, bikinis and even these cool barefoot sandals! #craftevangelist #patternroundup

Are we tired of winter yet? Planning a warm weather get away soon? I wish I were. Maybe if I make one of these great pieces of beach wear, someone will take me away from the cold and snow to somewhere warm where I can enjoy the sun and the waves. Check out some of these great beach wear patterns to make for your holiday! Bonus: light yarns travel well, so you can even work on your project while you relax on the beach and wear it by the end of the week!

*Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links, meaning if you click on them and buy something, you don’t pay any extra, but I may get a small commission.*

This adorable vintage beach cover up crochet pattern is adorable and timeless, don’t you think? Really, put a little tank top under that and you could wear it to dinner, too! And it’s only $3.45 CAD!

That cover up is a little short, so maybe you’ll want to make yourself one of these adorable crocheted skirts? Super cute.

I love an oversized beach cover up, so this Boho Lace Off-Shoulder Beach Cover Up Tunic is a great option to slip over my swimsuit when I need to run to the snack shack.

Or maybe you’re less of a cover up person and prefer to make yourself this Summer Forever crochet halter top. One day I’m totally going to make myself a crocheted bikini to sunbathe in. Maybe for our next winter getaway. This halter top might be a good start.

These bright and fun granny square Lido Shorts are a hip option for the beach. Also, that bikini top is on point! (Sophie and Me PDF Pattern Design is a great pattern shop, and having made at least one of her patterns, they are well-written and I had great results!).

For a little bit more involved project, this beautiful crocheted boho dress pattern would be lovely to make up and wear out to a restaurant at your resort and could just as easily transition to the beach. I love versatile garments like that! This dress is so pretty!

For a smaller project that could probably be completed in an afternoon on the beach (or relaxing in your air conditioned hotel room), these Peacock Barefoot Sandals are a great boho style pattern that even a beginner can tackle!

Pick up one of these patterns to get ready for your winter get away today or pin it so you can find them later!

Great crochet pattern round up of great beach wear patterns by craftevangelist!
Vintage 1970s crochet beach cover up tunic crochet pattern. Love this sweet vintage pattern! So cute! #crochet #pattern #crochetpattern #vintage #1970 #diy #yarn #crafts #beachwear #craftevangelist
Crochet Halter Top Pattern, part of a crochet beach wear pattern round up by craftevangelist. Love this boho styling halter top crochet pattern! Perfect for the beach or festivals! #crochet #pattern #crochetpattern #pdf #instantdownload #etsy #crafts #yarn #beachwear #craftevangelist
Cute crochet skirt pattern, perfect beach cover up! I love this! So cute and I love the ribbon topper! I need to make myself one of these! #crochet #pattern #crochetpattern #crafts #yarn #diy #beachwear #skirt #crochetforwomen #craftevangelist
Beautiful crochet dress pattern! I love this! I so need one of these! This would be so versatile with a little slip dress underneath! Gorgeous! #crochet #pattern #crochetpattern #crochetdress #crochetdresspattern #boho #lace #crochetlace #diy #yarn #crafts #craftevangelist #etsy
I love these hip Lido Shorts, crochet pattern with granny squares. Super cute beach shorts! #crochet #pattern #crochetpattern #beachwear #crochetedshorts #shorts #diy #yarn #crafts #craftevangelist
Oversized boho lace beach cover up crochet pattern for this lovely loose tunic! Perfect for a quick walk on the beach or visit to the snack shack. #crochet #beachwear #pattern #crochetpattern #beach #diy #yarn #crafts #craftevangelist #etsy
Pretty barefoot sandals beginner crochet pattern, What a fun little pattern to make for the beach! #crochet #pattern #beachwear #crochetpattern #boho #barefootsandals #barefoot #yarn #crafts #diy #etsy #craftevangelist
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