DIY Crocheted Bangle Bracelet Pattern

I love finding patterns for jewelry I can make myself! There are plenty of lovely crochet patterns to make your own bracelets and necklaces and today I have found another one! They would make a lovely boho accessory and perfect for summer! When you don’t want to crochet with a heavy yarn or carry around a lot of supplies with you, this would make a handy project for summer travel!

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Check out this beautiful crocheted bangle pattern that you can DIY!

This yellow one is so pretty with the sparkle of the metal bangle!

I love that it is crocheted around existing metal bangles (which I’m sure you can just get at the dollar store) to add structure to these bracelets!

Don’t want to make your own? Buy one from the maker here.

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Check out this awesome crocheted bangle bracelet pattern! Make your own jewelry! I love this; so simple and gorgeous! Would make a perfect project for summer travel!

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