Boho Dream Catcher

Oh my goodness! My Pinterest and Etsy browsing have resulted in some fabulous finds!

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Check out this beautiful giant bohemian dream catcher backdrop! Wouldn’t this look fabulous at a bohemian wedding?! And then you could take it home and decorate your bedroom with it! So pretty. If you’re going to invest in wedding decor, you should get something you love and can use later. And at all the weddings I’ve attended, I have rarely seen decor that would translate into home decor, but this. Look at this:

If you are into bohemian style, you need to check out this large macrame dream catcher. I think it would be great in a bedroom or if you are getting married, fabulous behind the head table… gorgeous!

So many gorgeous photos and such beautiful artwork! This would definitely be beautiful in wedding pictures! But then, imagine it in your bedroom or living room, reminding you of your wedding day and inspiring you!

I think boho style is so relaxed and calm. This would be so lovely behind your bed in your bohemian bedroom. Check out The Woven Dream Factory’s Etsy shop for all sorts of other sizes, too, if you’re not looking for a giant backdrop. So many options!

I would love to learn how to make these, so maybe I could learn with one of these patterns. I hope you enjoyed ogling this beautiful creation with me and maybe we can dream about making one!

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Check out this gorgeous giant bohemian dream catcher backdrop that would be perfect for wedding decor and then you could put it in your bohemian bedroom! So stunningly beautiful!

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