Easter Amigurumi & Crafts- Inspiring Spring Knit & Crochet Patterns

The days have begun to get longer and Easter is approaching! It’s such a great time of hope as the snow melts and the sun shines for longer each day! It’s a great time to make so many cute and adorable things, as well! I just love all the fun Easter- and spring-themed patterns that independent designers come up with. I’ve collected a great little group of knit and crochet patterns, and even a little craft kit if you’re looking for a break from stitching. Check them out below!

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The Easter Carrot Gnome Amigurumi Crochet Pattern from Pam Pinostore is such a fun idea!!! How adorable is that carrot hat on than gnome! I’m dying!!! I love the brushed out beard and little carrot accompaniment. This would make such cute Easter decor that you can keep around all spring!

If you don’t crochet, but prefer to knit, you can get in on the gnome game as well by making this Bunny Gnome and Easter Egg Knitting Pattern from Little Totz Designs. Little knit toys make great Easter basket stuffers and they’re sure to delight everyone!

If you’d prefer to crochet your Easter eggs, check out this Easter Egg Crochet pattern from ATERG Crochet. I love all the bright colours; it’s a great way to use up all those little bits of scrap yarn!

Check out this cute Colourful Easter Bunnies Crochet Pattern from Jen Pattern. With fun colourful shirts and adorable structured bunny faces, you could make one of these sweet bunnies for a family of kids, each with their own special colour as fabulous Easter gifts!

How amazing is this Holland Lop Rabbit Knitting Pattern from Dotpebbles Knits? This bunny looks practically real! So sweet and KNIT! It’s not always easy to find knitting patterns that do amigurumi so well: this bunny is quite the feat!

While definitel less realistic, I just love this Crochet Easter Bunny with Cross Stitch Embroidery Pattern from sam Snosami PDF. I love the sweet flowers all over these gorgeous heirloom quality dolls. These will make such a special keepsake, made with love!

Dotpebbles Knits impresses again with this realistic Wild Rabbit Knitting Pattern. How sweet is this little bunny?! Such an amazing pattern! I’ve never actually made a knit stuffed toy before because I usually find crochet amigurumi to be cuter, but this pattern is just so impressive!

See? Crochet amigurumi is soooooo cute?! This adorable little Bonnie the Bunny Crochet Pattern from When Crafting Is Life with those fabric-lined ears just makes me melt with sweetness!

This Toy Bunny Knitting Pattern from Knitted Zoo Gifts demonstrates that there are some adorable cartoonish knitting patterns for amigurumi as well. You can make this detailed little bunny with his hat and scarf with the help of 60 detailed photos and 12 PDF pages guiding you through the whole process. It’s knit in the round on 4 double-pointed needles and requires basic knitting skills.

How would you kids feel about finding some of these Crochet Easter Eggs with Bunny & Chick Amigurumi Pattern from Crochet Feelings Toys in their Easter Egg Hunt? Such sweet little Easter decor items to brighten up your spring mantel!

Or you could knit yourself some flowers! How adorable is this Daffodils Knitting Pattern from Love Fibres? Sweet little spring daffodils that never die and provide bright and cheery decor for this hopeful season!

Ok, I know my kids are kinda done with the stuffy stage (officially, but I think my younger two are still fans of cuddly toys), but this Amigurumi Bunny in Carrot Crochet Pattern from Fiona Dolls is just the sweetest and I think they’d all think this little guy was pretty cute!

Something about this Cuddly Chick Toy Knitting Pattern from Fluff and Fuzz just made me think of the Wonder Pets Show and the little chick that was in that animated series. This sweet little knit chick would be another great Easter basket item!

Maybe this Easter Bunny String Art Craft Kit from String Art From Heart seems a little out of place after a whole bunch of knit and crochet items, but it’s definitely Easter-themed and it’s so cute! Many knitters and crochers, including myself, need a little break from the yarn stitching crafts and a quick and easy kit like this one makes the perfect little break and a satisfying project. Don’t be afraid to put down your needles or hooks for a bit to enjoy making something different!

I hope you found some inspiring patterns to get making for Easter and spring this year. Hope is in the air, friends! It’s a great time to make some cute crafts! Pick up one of these patterns today or pin it for later.

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Easter Amigurumi

Easter is just around the corner! Usually if you want to have a project ready for a holiday, you need to start well in advance, but with amigurumi, projects are often small and can be made in just a couple days! Check out some of these adorable Easter Amigurumi Patterns to make in time for Easter!

*Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links, meaning if you click on them and buy something, you don’t pay any extra, but I may get a small commission.*

You can’t have Easter without an Easter bunny! This adorable Little Bunny pattern is an easy step-by-step DIY tutorial with 10 pages and 29 pictures of how to make this adorable stuffed toy.

And that’s not the only bunny pattern you can make! Oh no! There are so many more. Check out this Bunny Long Ears Amigurumi Pattern!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, this particular pattern is no longer available, but check out these other great options for Long Eared Bunny Amigurumi Patterns.

If you’re looking for something a little more girl, this adorable Lilu Amigurumi Bunny sports a ruffled tutu and delicate little slippers. Super sweet!

UPDATE: Unfortunately this exact ballerina bunny pattern is no longer available, but check out some of these other Ballerina Bunny Amigurumi Patterns.

These adorable little bunnies in overalls are made from another fantastic pattern for this Crochet Hare. He looks just like the real Easter bunny!

UPDATE: Unfortunately this exact pattern is no longer available, but check out these other adorable Overall-Wearing Bunny Amigurumi Patterns!

Of course, maybe you’d like something smaller to make, like these little egg-shaped bunnies. (You can also make an egg-shaped chick! Adorable!

Easter is the time to find unusual things inside eggs! Why not make one of these super cute Hatching Unicorn Eggs? Extra fun for Harry Potter fans!

Chicks are also super popular around Easter time. Check out this fantastic pattern for Coco the Little Chicken! I love the cracked egg still hanging on! So fun!

More adorable chicks crochet amigurumi patterns! Pick your favorite! RoKiKi Patterns are always very well-written and explained with plenty of detailed pictures!

Maybe you’re less of a stuffed animal kind of maker and more of a practical maker. These sweet Easter treat bags are the perfect combination of whimsy and useful Easter baskets!

There are so many sweet Easter Amigurumi Patterns to make for this fun spring season! Get making today and delight someone in your life with one of these lovely handmade crocheted stuffed animals! And Pin it for later so you don’t forget!

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What a sweet little bunny rabbit amigurumi crochet pattern for this adorable little stuffed toy for Easter! Makes a great handmade Easter gift! #crochet #pattern #amigirumi #yarn #crafts #amigurumipattern #crochetpattern #handmadetoys #craftevangelist
What a fun Hatching Unicorn Egg crochet pattern! This is the perfect handmade Easter gift idea for a Harry Potter fan or a unicorn-lover! Learn amigurumi by making this tiny crocheted unicorn this Easter! #crochet #pattern #amigirumi #yarn #crafts #amigurumipattern #crochetpattern #handmadetoys #craftevangelist
I so want to make this long-eared crocheted amigurumi bunny pattern for my son this Easter! So adorable! #crochet #pattern #amigirumi #yarn #crafts #amigurumipattern #crochetpattern #handmadetoys #craftevangelist
Adorable ballerina crochet bunny pattern. Lilu! What a sweet name for this girly rabbit amigurumi crochet pattern! Can't wait to make her for Easter! #crochet #pattern #amigirumi #yarn #crafts #amigurumipattern #crochetpattern #handmadetoys #craftevangelist
Cute Easter Bunny pattern with sweet little overall shorts! Perfect handmade crochet stuffed toy to make for a loved one this spring #crochet #pattern #amigirumi #yarn #crafts #amigurumipattern #crochetpattern #handmadetoys #craftevangelist
Cute little egg shaped bunny and chick amigurumi crochet pattern for Easter! These would make a fun handmade addition to an Easter basket! #crochet #pattern #amigirumi #yarn #crafts #amigurumipattern #crochetpattern #handmadetoys #craftevangelist
Cute little crochet amigurumi pattern for these little chicks! Perfect handmade gift stuffed toy idea for Easter! #crochet #pattern #amigirumi #yarn #crafts #amigurumipattern #crochetpattern #handmadetoys #craftevangelist
Fun amigurumi embellished Easter treat bags crochet pattern. Perfect Easter basket for the grand kids! #crochet #pattern #amigirumi #yarn #crafts #amigurumipattern #crochetpattern #handmadetoys #craftevangelist
Cute Easter Chick crochet amigurumi pattern by Rokiki #crochet #pattern #amigirumi #yarn #crafts #amigurumipattern #crochetpattern #handmadetoys #craftevangelist
Adorable little chicken crochet amigurumi pattern. Super cute little chick with broken egg shell crochet pattern. Perfect Easter handmade gift idea #crochetpattern #eastercrochet #springcrochet #amigurumipattern
Unicorn Hatching Egg amigurumi crochet pattern, perfect little crochet pattern for Easter. Can't wait to make this adorable little handmade toy. 
#crochetpattern #eastercrochet #springcrochet #amigurumipattern
Super cute Easter Eggs bunnies and chicks amigurumi crochet pattern. Love this quick and easy pattern for Easter. #crochetpattern #eastercrochet #springcrochet #amigurumipattern
Adorable Easter bunny amigurumi crochet pattern. Can't wait to make one of these sweet little bunnies for my kids! #crochetpattern #eastercrochet #springcrochet #amigurumipattern
Lilu Bunny amigurumi crochet pattern. Lovely little Easter bunny crochet toy pattern to make this spring. #crochetpattern #eastercrochet #springcrochet #amigurumipattern
Adorable long ears Easter bunny amigurumi crochet pattern. One of these would just make the most adorable spring baby gift! #crochetpattern #eastercrochet #springcrochet #amigurumipattern
Adorable little bunny crochet toy pattern. Lovely amigurumi bunny rabbit. Enjoy making this quick little pattern for Easter. #crochetpattern #eastercrochet #springcrochet #amigurumipattern
Sweet little Easter Chick amigurumi crochet pattern. Lovely little quick crochet toy pattern to make this spring. #crochetpattern #eastercrochet #springcrochet #amigurumipattern
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