Crochet Cushions & Throws

Cushions and throws are a great way to add a new twist to your decor. It’s easy to re-purpose an old pillow by putting a new cover on it. They’re also perfect to make this time of year as it grows warmer outside and you don’t want a heavy project sitting on your lap. Crocheted cushions are great projects to work on while you travel, too! I know not many of us are travelling these days, so taking a smaller project to make on the deck is also a good idea.

Even though we’re still working on our bathroom renovation (and I don’t plan on putting any throw cushions in there), all this renovating (as it creeps into more and more rooms in the house) has me thinking about refreshing the decor all over our house. New covers for cushions are a great way to use up a few skeins of yarn and add a fresh new look to (almost) any room! So check out these great cushions and throws crochet patterns that I’ve curated for you!

*Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links, meaning if you click on them and buy something, you don’t pay any extra, but I may get a small commission.*

This round Rosewheel Cushion Crochet Pattern has a neat embossed look to it with the front post stitches that form the beautiful pinwheel flower design on the front. I love crocheting in the round and this pillow pattern looks like it would work up quickly, keeping my interest with the embossed design on the front.

Here’s another lovely textured cushion cover, the Boho Tassel Throw Pillow Crochet Pattern has a lovely fringe for a casual, vintage vibe. The bobbles and tassels make this cushion cover interesting to crochet, but also a lovely textural experience to just cuddle up to and play with while watching TV.

I’m also completely enjoying the vintage vibe of this Summer of 77 Rainbow Pillow Crochet Pattern. The fun bobbles along the rows of the rainbow. And it’s so easy to be inspired to make this cushion in whatever colours suit your taste! This would look great in a teen’s room as well, with a funky and fun vibe, but not too baby-ish.

While it’s not a cushion, this Love for Frida Blankie Crochet Pattern would make a great throw blanket to add a splash of colour to any room with a fun vintage vibe. If you love Frida Kahlo and her bright and colourful style, you’ll definitely be inspired to make this colourful blanket! It’s a flexible pattern that can be modified easily to use up your existing stash! There’s nothing better than a project that you don’t have to buy more yarn for!

Haha, I bet you weren’t thinking this when you were thinking cushions. But this Cactus Pincushion Crochet Pattern is such a fun little project idea. Super quick to make up and it would make an excellent gift for someone who loves to sew. I definitely think I need one of these in my craft room!

I know I’m not exactly sticking to the theme here today, but I think this Dahlias and Leaves Tapestry Crochet Bag Pattern is so lovely and I think you could easily modify it to close it up and make it a throw pillow. But how cute is this pattern? Love it!

Father’s Day is coming up and you probably don’t have quite enough time to make this Crocheted Cheeseburger Ottoman Pattern unless you start crocheting like a mad-woman, but isn’t it so fun? This would be so fun in a family room, a game room, or a teen’s room. Such a fun idea!

A throw can be a cushion, a blanket or a rug! Check out this Black and White Scandinavian Rug Crochet Pattern. Isn’t it fun? I’m definitely feeling this vibe for our family room, whenever we get to that project (but it’s coming up more and more in conversation these days, so *fingers crossed*!). I’ve been wanting to crochet a rug for a while and this one seems like just the right vibe. Simple, but with enough changes in the pattern to keep me interested.

So back to pillows! This Cowhide Pillow Cover Crochet Pattern is so funky and no cows have to be harmed in its making! I love the funky cowhide inspiration, here! Perfect for a farmhouse vibe or a great gift for a farm family!

I also love this Tropical Leaf Pillow Cover Crochet Pattern. All these different designs on pillows are so fun to cycle into your decor. All you need to do is put a button or zipper closure on this lovely pillow cover and you can easily store away the cover and cycle it in at the start of a new season.

I’m also loving this Super Star Pillow Cover Crochet Pattern. It totally reminds me of the Dr Seuss “The Sneeches” story. But, you know, if you made it in blue and white, you’d have a fun American flag-inspired pillow to display for Independence Day celebrations (you know, if you’re into that… I’m Canadian, so it’s not really my thing, but the stars are pretty cool). This throw pillow would also go well in a beachy themed room and could make a nice addition to a teen’s room, with a little more sophistication.

While a little less sophisticated, this Crochet Donut Pillow Pattern is full of fun! Made with velour yarn, this fun cushion would be so adorable in a kids’ room or a funky family room. It would be so fun to delight a kid with this sweet pillow!

Or if donuts aren’t your thing, check out this Crochet Dog Pillow Pattern. Again, made with the velour/blanket yarn, this cute puppy pillow would be a great pattern to make for a dog-loving kid!

Which of these great pillow patterns will you crochet today? Go pick on up today or pin it for later!

Great collection of crocheted cushion patterns! Love these adorable and fun crocheted throw pillow covers! #crochetpattern #crochetcushion #cushionpattern #throwcushion #craftevangelist
Super sweet donut pillow crochet pattern! Love this giant amigurumi donut crochet pattern. How much fun would this be for a handmade crocheted gift for a kid's room!? #crochetpillow #crochetpattern #donutpillow #crochetthrowpillow #crochetcushionpattern #craftevangelist
Adorable stuffed puppy pillow crochet pattern! Such a fuzzy crochet cushion pattern! Perfect handmade gift for a kids' room! #crochetpattern #crochetcushion #puppypillow #puppycushion #giantamigurumi #amigurumipattern #craftevangelist
Fun textured pinwheel design with an embossed look on this crocheted pillow pattern. I love this diy cushion crochet pattern. Perfect quick project to refresh your decor! #crochetpattern #crochetpillow #pillowpattern #crochetthrowpillow #craftevangelist
Fun textured vintage boho vibe on this crochet cushion pattern. Love the neutral colours! A diy handmade decor idea to on this awesome throw pillow crochet pattern! #crochetpattern #throwcushionpattern #crochetpillow #craftevangelist
Sweet and easy crocheted bobble rainbow pillow crochet pattern. I love this fun and funky vibe. Made in these vintage colours, it has such a cool boho feel. #crochetpattern #crochetthrowpillo #crochetpillow #diydecor #craftevangelist
Love for Frida Blankie crochet pattern. Use up your stash with this fun and colourful throw blanket pattern inspired by Frida Kahlo! #crochetpattern #crochetblanket #blanketpattern #fridakahlo #craftevangelist
Super cute and fun crocheted pin cushion pattern! This sweet little pin cushion crochet pattern will whip up quickly with just a small amount of yarn and make a great last minute gift for a crafty person. #crochetpattern #crochetpincushion #pincushionpattern #craftevangelist
Lovely tapestry crochet handbags. I love the designs on these handbags. I think the pattern could be easily adjustable to a throw pillow as well! #crochetpattern #crochetbag #tapestrycrochet #craftevangelist
How much fun is this Cheeseburger Ottoman crochet pattern?! It's so cool that it opens up for storage! And it's made with recycled tires! How fun is that!? #crochetpattern #crochetedottoman #ottomanpattern #crochetedfootstool #craftevangelist
Scandinavian Rug crochet pattern in black and white. I love the contrast and simplicity of these two neutrals mixed together in multiple interesting designs. Perfect for boho or scandinavian decor! #crochetpattern #crochetrugpattern #crochetrug #rugpattern #craftevangelist
Cowhide print crochet pillow cover. What a fun idea for a modern farmhouse decor vibe! Love this fun tapestry crochet cowhide print pattern! #crochetpattern #cowhidepattern #cowhideprint #farmhousedecor #diyfarmhousestyle #farmhousestyle #crochetfarmhouse #craftevangelist
Tropical Leaf Pillow Cover Crochet pattern. Love this fun leaf tapestry crochet. Excellent idea for refreshing your decor with a tropical and fresh vibe. #crochetpattern #crochetpillowpattern #crochethrowpillow #crochetcushionpattern #crochetcushion #craftevangelist
Super Star Pillow crochet throw pillow pattern. Love to make my own crochet pillow covers! So fun, perfect for a sophisticated teen's room or July 4 decor! #crochetpattern #superstarpillow #pillowcrochetpattern #crochetpillowpattern #craftevangelist

Cute Crocheted Cushions

Winter time is a great time to decorate! It’s a great time to do some online shopping (since who feels like leaving the house?) and it’s a great time to order your supplies and make some handmade decor items. I’m somewhat of a throw pillow convert, in that I used to be much more boring and practical and didn’t see why a person would want so many pillows around when they just seem to get in the way of sitting and sleeping and whatnot. But there are so many cute options, so I’ve come around! And now I’ve found so many fun patterns to make your own (and I’ve got a pattern idea in the works for a special custom pillow for my craft room… wait and see!!!). Check out the great patterns that I’ve found to make your own crafty pillows!

*Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links, meaning if you click on them and buy something, you don’t pay any extra, but I may get a small commission.*

Starting off today’s pattern round-up is this adorable floral-embellished crocheted cushion pattern from Annie Design. I love the lacy texture on this pillow cover and the sweet little floral appliques really add a delicate touch.

Decor embellished with words is still totally on trend, so if you’re into that kind of thing, this crochet pattern for this rustic “blessed” throw cushion is a sweet farmhouse style pattern by Two Little Birds Patterns.

This adorable Love to Cuddle Pillow crochet pattern from The Turtle Trunk utilizes the popular faux fur (get some here) to make this completely cuddle-able cushion, perfect for the upcoming Valentine’s day holiday!

If you’re looking to throw some different shapes of cushions into your decor, you can try this textured round flower pillow cover pattern from Crochet Spot Patterns.

This adorable heart pillow crochet pattern from Peach and Paige Designs would be sweet in a nursery or a little girl’s bedroom. Also, what a fun Valentine’s pattern to work on!

So many of the fibre artists I know are loving llamas lately, so this super adorable Alpaca Llama Pillow from Anne Alster is completely on trend! (Also, she has many other adorable crochet patterns for pillows that will make you smile: check out her shop!)

Monogrammed pillows would make for a lovely wedding gift, don’t ya think? Or super fun for a kid’s bedroom, as well. Check out these Brixton Monogram Pillow Crochet Patterns also from Two Little Birds Patterns.

Of course, for some reason, the poop emoji pillow is a thing. Kids are so weird. But if yours seems to have a fascination with poop emojis, perhaps you would like to make them this bizarre pillow pattern from Soul Moon Rising?

Personally, I’d much rather have one of these Shark Pillows hanging around in my kids’ rooms. Super fun and whimsical crochet pattern from Spina Yarn Studio.

Which of these crocheted cushions tickles your fancy? Go get yourself a pattern today and get making! It’s so rewarding to make your own decor! Pin it to share with your friends!

Cute crocheted pillow patterns to decorate your home with lovely handmade yarn crafts! Learn to crochet these gorgeous throw cushions!
What a beautiful crocheted cushion pattern with flower appliques. This would be super cute in a sunroom or on the deck. Love the flower details! #crochet #pattern #pillow #decor #handmadepillow #crochetdecor #crochetpattern #yarn #crafts #craftevangelist
Sweet farmhouse style rustic crochet pattern for this "blessed" pillow in a bouncy script. Such a fun throw cushion for a family room. #crochet #pattern #crochetpattern #crochetdecor #decor #handmade #pillow #crafts #yarn #craftevangelist
This sweet faux fur heart crochet pillow pattern looks so cozy and cuddly! Perfect cushion for valentines day or for a nursery! #crochet #pattern #fauxfur #crochetpattern #pillow #cushion #crochetpillow #crochetdecor #crafts #yarn #craftevangelist
Dahlia round flower cushion crochet pattern for this pretty throw pillow! Love this gorgeous rich color! #crochet #pattern #pillow #crochetdecor #crochetpillow #yarn #crafts #craftevangelist
Sweet little simple crochet pattern for single crochet heart pillow. Perfect throw cushion for nursery, valentines day or heart-loving kid's room. #crochet #pillow #crochetpattern #crochetpillow #pattern #crochetdecor #yarn #crafts #craftevangelist
Adorable alpaca or llama pillow crochet pattern. These are so cute! #crochet #pattern #llama #alpaca #pillow #crochetpattern #decor #crafts #yarn #craftevangelist
Lovely monogram pillow crochet patterns from Two Little Bird Patterns. Love these sweet patterns! Perfect handmade gift idea for newlyweds, wedding gifts, or baby gifts, baby showers. lovely handmade nursery decor #crochet #pattern #nursery #wedding #gifts #crafts #yarn #craftevangelist #pillow #cushion #monogram #personalized #handmadegiftideas #handmadegift #giftideas
LOL Poop emoji crochet pillow pattern! My kid would love this! But I'm not sure I want one in my house! Hilarious, though! Fun handmade gift idea for a teen. #crochet #pattern #poopemoji #poop #crochetpillow #cushion #handmadepillows #teengift #handmadeteengift #crochetteengiftideas #crochetpattern #yarn #crafts #craftevangelist
I love this crocheted shark pillow pattern! My kids would love this fun cushion for their beds! It's almost like a stuffed animal! So fun! #sharkpillow #shark #crochet #pillow #cushion #crochetpattern #pattern #yarn #crafts #throwpillow #throwcushion #kids #craftevangelist
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