Sweet Little Gifts to Make for the Ones You Love

Valentine’s Day is in just a couple of weeks. Even if you don’t do much for Valentine’s Day, a sweet little handmade gift is always welcome. It says you thought about someone (sometimes for a long time!) while you made them something special with your own hands. Handmade is just so special! And I love sharing the patterns that help you make it happen. A lot of work goes into these carefully crafted patterns so you can make one with ease. Check out this little selection of gifts that you still have time to make in time for Valentine’s Day (even if you have a day job!)

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First up is this adorable Amigurumi Pattern for Esther the Crocheted Doll from Manuska. She wears acute little dress with lovely detail and a fully removable cape and hat. I have made patterns from Manuska’s shop before and they are easy to follow with detailed pictures to make your doll stunning.

This cute little Mini Dress Up Doll Amigurumi Pattern from The Wandering Deer includes a doll pattern with 2 hair types and a top, pants, skirt, dress, jacket, beanie, scarf, shoes, backpack, bag stuffed bunny, and a pillow. It is 27 pages of detailed written instructions with lots of photos and a quick assembly guide. There are even other patterns in this series for more outfits for you doll: Animals in Summer Outfits and Halloween Costumes.

If you have a princess fanatic on your list of loved ones, then this little Cinderella Amigurumi Pattern from Gurumi Land Design just might be the perfect pattern for you. The sweet details on this gorgeous little doll make all the difference! I love the little pearl finishes and the details on the dress are just lovely!

You still have time to make this sweet little Amigurumi Fox Pattern from My Amigurumi Farm. With just three colours of yarn and simple construction, this pattern is rated easy. This cuddly fox would make a great baby gift for an expected little one, and wouldn’t the expectant parents just be delighted?!

Need a set of crochet hooks? This Crochet Hook Set has everything you need to get started with crochet.

This littler Ankylosaurus Crochet Dinosaur Amigurumi Pattern from Loopy Pattern is the perfect little amigurumi toy for that dino-loving kid. And, what’s so fun is this little baby dinosaur comes with a pattern for his own big bowl of popcorn! What a fun little addition!

I just love the vintage, homey look of this Crocheted Goose Amigurumi Pattern from Shop Straw Animals! Everything from their sweet little hats and adorable overalls to their cross body sachels and little scarves is just delightful! If you know a farm family, or even just a city kid, this sweet little pattern is sure to please!

There are not as many amigurumi knitting patterns available for the knitters, but this Bear Loves Bunny Knit Tiny Teddy Bear and Tiny Bunny from Simply Sycamore is a simple and sweet little pattern with options for both a bear and a bunny and would make the perfect little photo prop for a newborn baby photo shoot or a lovely little baby shower gift!

Wondering what knitting needles I use? KnitPicks Interchangeables are my go to needles!

There are more things than just amigurumi that you still have time to make for a loved one! Like this Bee Wild Beanie Knitting Pattern from Smeeny Beanie Knits. This is a beginner level colourwork knitting pattern using #5 Bulky yarn, so it knits up quickly for a cozy warm hat. This pattern is for a one size adult hat, fitting a 21″-23″ head comfortably.

You also still have time to make these adorable Sweet Dreams Socks from Zyapa Masha. I finally knit my first pair of socks this year, but I would definitely consider making this easy sock pattern with 10 pages of instructions with pictures and charts. They are worked toe up (which I love) and includes shaping for a better fit.

I missed this Crocheted Women’s Loafter Pattern from Two Girls Patterns in my Slipper Pattern Round Up last week, but these cute loafers are the perfect pattern to whip up in time for Valentine’s Day or for yourself to keep your toes warm during the winter months. I love the little tassels detail and the homey look of this fun crochet pattern.

While I mostly share knit and crochet patterns, I have explored embroidery over the last year or so and I really love patterns and kits from Florals and Floss. This Be Kind Leafy Wreath Embroidery Pattern from her shop is downloadable instantly so you can get stitching today.

I hope you found something to inspire you to make a little special handmade gift for someone you love. Go get one of these patterns today or pin it for later!

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Easy Adorable Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

Want to get started in amigurumi? Amigurumi is a Japanese word that describes anthropomorphic crocheted (or knit) stuffed toys. Amigurumi stuffies are so cute and satisfying to make. Small amigurumis can be made in just a few hours! There are so many great techniques for adding cuteness. They make delightful gifts for children and fun bits of decor to add interest to your bookshelves! If you’d like to get started with some amigurumi, I’ve collected some easy beginner amigurumi patterns and kits here for you!

*Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links, meaning if you click on them and buy something, you don’t pay any extra, but I may get a small commission.*

If you want a quick, first-time amigurumi to make, you can choose from either the pattern only (if you already have all the supplies you need) or a kit including the yarn and the pattern to make this adorable Beginner Charmander Amigurumi from Animal Crochet Store. This super easy little pattern would work up in under an hour and make a delightful little keychain or pocket toy. Kids love little toys and they’re perfect for travelling, popping in a backpack for some creative play!

Animal Crochet Store has a great collection of other small, beginner amigurumi patterns and kits that you should check out. This cute Piglet Amigurumi Crochet Kit/Pattern is such a sweet little toy that would be sure to delight a Winnie the Pooh fan!

Or how about these adorable Baby Dinosaur Stuffies? This easy little crocheted dinosaur stuffie pattern from Toy Joys Pattern includes helpful video links to aid you in the construction of this cute little toy for the dinosaur lover. The fun thing about amigurumi is that you can change your yarn and hook size and make a bigger or smaller toy than the pattern indicates!

Another quick little starter amigurumi project is this little Crochet Elephant Pattern from mohustore. This downloadable pdf pattern includes a written crochet pattern and charts, as well as a printable template for the felt ear shapes. You’ll also get a beginner’s crochet guide, which teaches some basic techniques used to make amigurumi, with both left-handed and right-handed versions!

Once you’ve started making amigurumi, it won’t be long before you can tackle a project that is a little more involved, like this Chinese New Year Ox Crochet Pattern from All About Ami. Stephanie has excellent instructions on her blog where you can find the pattern for free and plenty of helpful photos. She loves to share photos of your work, too, so if you make this adorable little guy, be sure to tag her on Instagram!

Here’s another fun little project that is shown using velour or chenille yarn to make a larger stuffed Crocheted Bull. This pattern from I am Sulu requires some basic crochet knowledge, but it’s easy to search YouTube to find helpful tutorials to walk you through unfamiliar techniques.

Returning to some quick and simple amigurumi patterns, Pops de Milk has this super easy Cute Cactus Crochet Amigurumi Pattern, which makes a perfect, last-minute gift idea for a colleague or as a housewarming gift! It’s the perfect office decor: a little splash of colour and completely black thumb-proof. You can’t kill this plant! Low light? No problem! No water? Not necessary! Shake off the dust every few months and it’s good as new!

Once you get the hang of making your first crocheted plant, you won’t be able to resist adding more to your collection! This incredible PDF E-book of 12 Crochet Potted Plant Patterns from Knot Monster will help you create adorable and unique crocheted plant friends that will always be there for you, but are completely low maintenance! This is the kind of friend we all need: always there to make you smile and completely understanding of your busy life!

How sweet is theis Crocheted Spring Pig Amigurumi Pattern from Planet Piu? There are so many adorable amigurumis to make! How can we pick just one?!

Of course, who is not still in love with Baby Yoda (actually his name is Grogu). This easy little pattern from Medaami Creations will have you make up a sweet little Baby Yoda Amigurumi in no time! These make perfect last-minute gifts for kids of all ages! Attach a keychain or zipper pull clasp and it makes a great backpack clip or keychain accessory!

I hope you’ve been inspired to try making amigurumi! I’d love it if you’d share your creations with me by tagging me on Instagram (don’t forget to tag the designer too!) or adding a photo on Pinterest! You can all become little craft evangelists: sharing the good news of crafts with your friends and family! Happy crafting! Can’t get to this today? Pin it for later!

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Adorable Amigurumi

Have you ever tried to crochet (or knit) your own (or for a special kid) stuffed toy? Amigurumi projects can be so much fun to work on and often have a pretty quick payoff because they look so cute as they come together. I’m a big fan of amigurumi patterns and I love to see all the creativity of designers come to life in these adorable anthropomorphic creatures! Check out these fantastic adorable amigurumi patterns!

*Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links, meaning if you click on them and buy something, you don’t pay any extra, but I may get a small commission.*

This adorable Puppy Dog Amigurumi pattern was a definite contender for me to make when my youngest son asked for a super cute puppy stuffy for Christmas. Alas, it was one of the projects that I didn’t get to for Christmas, so my husband picked up a store-bought option for him. He was just as excited for that one.

I love this adorable Baby Sea Turtle with Shell amigurumi pattern. Baby turtles remind me of Mr Evangelist, because he’s always saying that he has ideas like baby turtles (it’s estimated that only 1 in 1,000 sea turtle hatchlings will survive to adulthood). So baby turtles make me think of him. I should probably make him a baby turtle for fun one year!

Unfortunately, this pattern is no longer available, but this Sea Turtle Amigurumi Pattern may be a good option for you.

A classic teddy bear pattern is a great go-to handmade gift idea for a child. What a lovely baby shower gift! This adorable Andy the Bear crochet pattern is a great option!

Of course, a doll pattern is another classic toy idea and this gorgeous Michelle Doll Pattern by Carmen Rent (I love all her designs!) is just lovely! She’s all dolled up in the sweetest dress and her adorable bouncy curls are beautiful!

Another of my favourite designers, Orsi from the shop Manuska has created this lovely doll pattern for Emma. I love the embroidery detail on her eyes, requiring no special notions, like safety eyes or anything, perfect for a young baby, so there are no buttons or choking hazards.

If you’re feeling the St Patrick’s Day celebrations a little early, you have plenty of time to crochet up this adorable Pudgy Leprechaun. He’s as adorable as Saint Nicholas, with his rosy cheeks and jolly beard! He’d be sure to add some whimsy to your spring!

Don’t forget to pin these for later and to share the good news of crafts with others! Do you already follow me on Pinterest? Come follow me on Instagram!

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Adorable pudgy leprechaun amigurumi crochet pattern to make this sweet stuffed toy perfect for St Patrick's Day! Fun spring crochet project! #crochet #pattern #amigurumi #crochetpattern #stuffedtoypattern #handmadegifts #handmade #yarn #crafts #craftevangelist
Super adorable puppy dog amigurumi crochet pattern to make this adorable puppy dog eyed puppy! Love his sad little eyes and adorable paws! #crochet #pattern #amigurumi #crochetpattern #stuffedtoypattern #handmadegifts #handmade #yarn #crafts #craftevangelist
What a fun little crochet project! Baby Sea Turtle with Shell amigurumi crochet pattern makes a perfect little interactive toy for a child! So fun! #crochet #pattern #amigurumi #crochetpattern #stuffedtoypattern #handmadegifts #handmade #yarn #crafts #craftevangelist
Super cute little Andy the Bear crochet amigurumi pattern to make this lovely little toy bear doll with an adorable little sweater! He looks like he's going back to school! #crochet #pattern #amigurumi #crochetpattern #stuffedtoypattern #handmadegifts #handmade #yarn #crafts #craftevangelist
I love the ringlets on this adorable crocheted doll amigurumi pattern! It's totally time to make some different coloured dolls for my kids! #crochet #pattern #amigurumi #crochetpattern #stuffedtoypattern #handmadegifts #handmade #yarn #crafts #craftevangelist
What a lovely new doll pattern from Manuska! Emma the crocheted amigurumi doll! I love her embroidered eyes and all the pink! Gorgeous! #crochet #pattern #amigurumi #crochetpattern #stuffedtoypattern #handmadegifts #handmade #yarn #crafts #craftevangelist

Donkey Ruda the Sweetest Amigurumi Donkey

I absolutely love this adorable amigurumi pattern! This little donkey is a sweet handmade toy you can make as a unique gift for any child that you love. While not known for their cuddly-ness, donkeys can make absolutely snuggle-able toys!

*Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links, meaning if you click on them and buy something, you don’t pay any extra, but I may get a small commission.*

Check out Donkey Ruda

Isn’t he sweet? I love that his arms and legs are attached with buttons. Not perfect for baby (choking hazard!), but completely rustic and charming! Get the pattern to make him here.

Or pin it for later!

The most adorable donkey crochet amigurumi pattern! I love the arms and legs attached with buttons. Perfect handmade gift idea for any child! #craftevangelist

DIY Toys

Today, I have found some adorable amigurumi toys that you can make yourself! Cheap, mass-produced toys from the store have got nothing on these lovely, handmade dolls.

*Disclosure: some of the following links are affiliate links, meaning if you click on them and buy something, you don’t pay any extra, but I may get a small commission.*

First up, Lea: a lovely, subdued crocheted toy doll amigurumi pattern. Gorgeous and mature. Look at her hair! So great.

Next up, Carl the Cactus; a 9-page printable PDF e-book with an adorable story written in the listing. Lalylala has such lovely crochet doll patterns. I can’t wait to make this one!

I can’t get enough of the patchwork finishing work on this adorable crocheted monkey girl. Sweet stripes and flowers complement this pattern perfectly. I think this would make such a sweet handmade baby shower gift.

Now check out this cute amigurumi crocheted bunny pattern, made with stripes and in any colour your want! I know Easter has passed, but there’s another one next year and now you have time to make one!

Carmen Rent has some of the most adorable doll patterns available right now. They have this stunning “Coraline” look to them and they’re so exquisitely detailed; they would make a lovely handmade gift for an older girl who is still into dolls. This doll Azul (what a fantastic name, right?) even has a beautiful detailed little dress pattern!

It’s not always easy finding handmade toy ideas for boys, but this pirate ship crochet pattern absolutely fits the bill. When I first shared it on Pinterest, it went nuts! People loved it!

Fraggle Rock was definitely a favourite 80’s tv show in my house and my favourite characters were definitely the Doozers. They didn’t get a lot of screen time, but thought they were so fun! This crochet pattern is a great realistic replica of a little Doozer!

Epic Kawaii is another one of my fav amigurumi designers right now. Such fun crocheted doll patterns and this super sweet little mermaid doll pattern is no exception. I love her adorable button eyes!

This crocheted lion pattern would make a great addition to a circus-themed nursery or party! I love the addition of the crown accessory to make this lion king of the jungle!

Go Bunny Go has lots of adorable doll patterns, where the doll is dressed up as something else. I think that’s such a fun idea! This long Nick the Teddy would be so lovely for a little one to cuddle up with at night!

Another bunny pattern! I don’t know what is so attractive about bunny rabbit patterns, but I love them! This adorable crochet pattern is so simple and adorable; it would make a super cute baby gift or you can start working on it now for next Easter!

I love finding unique patterns like this fantastic amigurumi parrot pattern. Bright and colourful, it reminds me of Rio and the vibrant colours of the different parrots and birds from that cartoon.

This stunning doll pattern from LydiaWLC Magic Wonderland is more for making a toy to show than play with, but look at the gorgeous detail on her! I love her riding boots and hat and the adorable hobby horse is amazing! I can’t wait to try this one out! So beautiful!

I’m a big fan of monster amigurumi patterns! There’s so much room for creativity because you don’t have to follow any rules! This fun orange monster from Il Dikko Crochet with an underbite is named Webster, which I think is a fantastic name for a monster. Get the pattern here.

5 crochet animals in 1 pattern! I love the simple look of these sweet animals from bigbebez: cat, cow, bear, dog and rabbit crochet toy patterns all in one. Great for those crocheters who read charts! beautiful pattern!

Sweet bunny pdf crochet pattern. Yvonne Bunny looks like a great rabbit stuffed amigurumi crochet pattern from Crochet Objet. Perfect for spring babies or Easter!

He’s SOOOOOO CUTE!!!! What an adorable crochet puppy toy from Ienies! Named Boris! Such a cute amigurumi dog pattern to DIY!

Check out craft evangelist's DIY toys pattern round up!

5 crochet animals in 1 pattern! I love the simple look of these sweet animals: cat, cow, bear, dog and rabbit crochet toy patterns all in one. Great for those crocheters who read charts! beautiful pattern! Check out all of craft evangelist's DIY toy finds!Gorgeous amigurumi crochet doll pattern! Check out all of craft evangelist's DIY toy finds!

Cute amigurumi bunny crochet rabbit pattern for Easter or spring baby gift. Lovely handmade gift to make. Check out all of craft evangelist's DIY toy finds!

Carl the Cactus doll pdf crochet amigurumi pattern. I love his little drum and sweet little flower on his head! Check out all of craft evangelist's DIY toy finds!

Cute little monkey girl crochet pattern to make! Love this adorable monkey amigurumi. Perfect handmade gift for a new baby! Check out all of craft evangelist's DIY toy finds!

Sweet Lea, a subdued lovely crocheted toy doll to make! I love her so much! She’s so gorgeous!!!

Fraggle Rock Doozer toy crochet pattern. pdf crochet pattern for little green builder guy toy from '80s jim hensen tv show. Check out all of craft evangelist's DIY toy finds!

Awesome Pirate Ship Amigurumi crochet pattern to download! I love the detail on this lovely handmade toy pattern. Check out all of craft evangelists DIY toy finds!

Adorable little lion amigurumi stuffed toy crochet pattern! Love this cute little toy to make! Check out all of craft evangelists DIY toy finds!

Mermaid amigurumi doll from Epic Kawaii. I love the adorable button eyes on this crochet doll pattern. Such a lovely pattern; would make a great handmade gift for a mermaid-loving child! Check out all of craft evangelists DIY toy finds!

Adorable amigurumi doll in a teddy bear costume. Love this floppy stuffed toy crochet pattern! Perfect gift to make for any child. Check out all of craft evangelist's DIY toy finds!

What a sweet bunny pattern! I love amigurumi crochet patterns like this one! So simple and adorable! It would make a great new baby gift! Check out all of craft evangelist's DIY toy finds!

Fun amigurumi parrot crochet pattern. I love this design! What a fun stuffed toy bird pattern to make! Check out all of craft evangelist's DIY toy finds!

Sweet bunny pdf crochet pattern. Yvonne Bunny looks like a great rabbit stuffed amigurumi crochet pattern. Perfect for spring babies or Easter! Check out all of craft evangelist's DIY toy finds!

He's SOOOOOO CUTE!!!! What an adorable crochet puppy toy! Such a cute amigurumi dog pattern to DIY! Check out all of craft evangelist's DIY toy finds!

Gorgeous detail on this crocheted doll pattern with her little hobby horse unicorn! Lovely amigurumi doll to make! I love the stunning detail on this designer's patterns! So many other cute dolls to make, too! Check out all of craft evangelist's DIY toy finds!

What an adorable goofy monster amigurumi pattern! I love crocheted stuffed toy patterns like this! This designer's creatures have such character! Check out all of craft evangelist's DIY toy finds!

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